LINKS – Tips, Tutorials, Interesting Sites

Diesel Sweeties
Get Fuzzy

Drinking Liberally

What Not to Crochet

Tips and Tutorials

Sculptural Crochet Primer
Planet June’s Invisible Decrease
futuregirl’s Foundation Single Crochet
Entrelac Crochet – Part ! and Part 2
Delta Crochet
Basic Crochet Rules

Knitting Projects How-Tos
How to Weave in Ends While Knitting
Cables Without Cable Needles
Philosopher’s Wool Two Handed Fair Isle Tutorial
Kathleen Taylor’s Tandom Sleeves at a time w/steeks
Rachel’s Cool Increase
Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off
Create Your Own Boye Needles Interchangable Cables
Traveling Loop (as opposed to Magic Loop) Knitting

Neauveau Fibre Arts Videos
Core Spinning
Camaj Handspun Yarns Spinning Videos

Yarn, Stitch Dictionaries, Miscellaneous
Yarndex Directory
Yarn Terms
Knit Picks Tutorials
Yarn Stiffeners
Top 5 Stretches for Knitting (and Crochet) Pain and Stiffness
MyPicot Crochet & Knitting Patterns/Stitch Dictionary
10 Tips for Overcoming Knitter’s (and Crocheter’s) Block
Seamless Amigurumi Joining

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