Rows of Chain Scarf-Updated 3/16/2011

This scarf is very simple and suitable for a beginner.  It is constructed of chain stitches and single crochets.  Make the scarf as long or short as you wish by increasing or decreasing the number of starting chains being sure to make sure they are multiples of 10+1.  You can also vary the size and texture of the scarf by changing the yarn and/or the hook size.

Rows of Chain Scarf

Gauge is not important with this pattern.

Scarf pictured is made with a bulky weight yarn using an 9mm/N hook and measures approximately 5 feet x 5 inches.

Rows of Chain Scarf

Chain 101 stitches.  Turn.

Row 1:  SC in second stitch from hook.  *Chain 9, skip the next 9 chains, and SC in 10th chain from SC*.  Repeat * to * to end.  Ch1.  Turn.

Repeat Row 1 until scarf is desired width.  (Scarf pictured has 9 rows and is approximately 5 inches wide).  Bind off and weave in ends.

Add fringe or loop edging.

Fringe edging:

Cut yarn into lengths to achieve the desired length of fringe.  (Scarf pictured was created with 10 inch lengths).  You will need 4 for each row stitched.

Using 4 strands per row, fold strands in half to form loop.  Insert hook into end chain or between two rows of chains and pull the loop through the chain.  Keeping hook in loop, yarn over the hook with the ends of the strand and pull through loop.  Pull strands tightly to secure.

Repeat for each row.

Loop edging (worked into the end stitches of each row):

Join yarn to first chain or between two rows of chains.  *Chain 10.  SC in end of next row.*  Repeat to end of your rows.  Bind off and weave in ends.

Repeat on other end.

You may sell items made from this pattern but you may not reproduce the pattern for distribution.  If you’d like to share this pattern please direct others to this page or the Ravelry pattern page.

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3 thoughts on “Rows of Chain Scarf-Updated 3/16/2011

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  2. In your main pattern you failed to put in how many chains should be done between skipping 9 and sc. I assume 9? Maybe it should read
    Row 1: SC in second stitch from hook. *Chain 9, Skip 9 stitches and SC in 10th chain from SC*. Repeat * to * to end. Ch1. Turn

    • Thank you for the correction. You’re right. I neglected to include how many chains to make before doing the SC. Will update the pattern as soon as possible. Thanks again, Doris.

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